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From: Peanut Shields
Subject: Fearless Part 3 chapter 1Nate: I can't believe i lied to Ry again, he puts so much trust in me and i
lied, i don't want to loose him but if i keep this up he will break up with
me again. My phone started vibrating in my pocket "Hello" "Nate can you do
me a favor?" "Yeah Ry what is it?" "Can you pick me up i missed the bus"
"Sure if you need rides just ask ok" "Ok thanks Natey" "Ha ha your welcome
peanut" "Hey" "Is for horses" "Remember Nate I own Sarcasm" I walked out to
my car and drove off to Ry's House."Hey Ry lets go we're going to be late" "I'm sorry" "It's ok" "I missed
riding in your car it doesn't smell funny like Cj's" nude lolita costumes pictures
"Hey Ry" "What" "Do
you have band tournament or anything nude lolita costumes pictures like that next saturday and sunday?"
"No" "Well me and a few friends are going camping do you want to come?"
"Umm let me think about it this week and i'll notify you later" "Ok"We finally made it to the school it was about a half hour away from my
house. When we got out of the car the few friends that were talking near
the parking lot stopped and stared at us "Omg Nate you are back together
with Ryan" "Yeah gina" "Kiss him once please" "Yeah Nate kiss him you guys
are so cute together" "Ha ha Really?" i looked over at Ry who was now by my
side. He looked sorta uncomfortable around my friends. i looked at Gina and
then her boyfriend who looked confused. loli girl hot beauties
"Come on Nate he is waiting" i
looked at Ry again and he had a smile on his face "Come on Natey we don't
want to disappoint Gina and Hillary or there boy friends" I bent over and
planted one on Ry "Wow Ry i really missed your soft kisses" "I missed your
sloppy ones" he laughed "Hey Ry what lunch are you in today?" "C" "cool do
you want to sit with me?" "Ok" After that being said we went our separate
ways, he went to his locker and i went to the locker room to get my books."Hey Dereck i heard that the two faggots are back together" "i fucking Hate
Ryan he is a little...." "Say another word and i will kill you" "Some ones
protective of his bitch" I went to swing at him when he stopped me "I
wouldn't do that if i were you, you'd be suspended, that means you won't be
able to play football and you won't be able to protect poor defenseless
Ryan" "Dereck bbs lolitas and boys Your a fucking pussy" "Oh i'm sorry i heard your not straight
anymore" "Shut the fuck up" "Hey You Two Break It Up!" "Yes coach Michaels"
we said in unison "This isn't over Dereck" "No it's not, I'm going to
widdle my way into screwing up your relationship with Ry, and then i'm
going to hurt him bad and there is nothing you can do about it."Ry: i walked into the cafeteria "Hey Ry" "Um hi do i know you" "We are
Nate's friends" "Oh ok well i'm Ryan" "Hi i'm Chris this is Aj, Mark,
Jeremy, Tyler, Matt and George" "Hi" "Do you mind if we ask you a few
questions" "As long as they aren't hurtful ones" "Don't worry they aren't "
"Ok" "How is Nate in bed" they started laughing "Umm thats none of
your...." "How big is he" "You guys are...." "Do you moan or scream his
name" "Stop..." "Does he like it when you give him head" "Would you guys
shut up!" "shh shh here comes Nate "Hey Ry I brought your favorite, and i
see your making friends with my friends" "Yeah umm about that i think i'm
going to sit with my friends" "Why babe" i looked at his friends and they
snickered "Well do yoou want to sit with your friends or just me i don't
want to put you on the spot or anything its just going to take some time to
get used to" "Ok well do you..." "No stay and talk with your friends i'll
see you later" "Bye Ry" "Bye Nathan"Nate: Ry never calls me Nathan unless i'm in trouble or he's upset. by the
tone of his voice he didn't sound mad The rest of lunch was boring all my
friends talked about was football, i wanted to talk to Ry. I glanced over
and i saw him sitting alone. "Hey You guys i'm going to sit with Ry" they
ignored me lolita jp bbs imageboard "Ok whats wrong" "Wha.." i must of startled him because he
jumped "you heard me" "Well it's nothing" "if its bugging you then it is
something Ry" "It's not......" "Ry just tell me" "Fine but promise me you
won't be mad" "I won't" "Ok well i don't like your friends" "Why?" "They
are jerks" "Well i don't think you can be picking sides when you just met
them" "But Nate when you weren't there they made fun of me" "What did they
say?" "They said stuff about us having sex and things about what you do to
me and things like that" "Look Ry i really don't know who to believe hear"
"Your boyfriend" "Ry i can't just take sides like that" "Why?" "Ry Right
Now Is Not A Good Time!" i must have been shouting cause he had a scared
look on his face "I'm sorry i have to go" "Ry wait its not that..." he left
the cafeteria. "Whats wrong Nate?" "Nothing Matt" "Is it boy troubles"
"Sorta" "Well you can tell us we are your friends" "Well Ry thinks you guys
were making fun of him and i have a lot on my mind right now" "Oh well we
dis say a few things" they all looked at me with a guilty look "Thanks you
guys, I'm supposed to be there for him and i'm torn apart between you guys,
i should have trusted him" I stormed off to chase after Ry.I looked over and over and i finally found him on the third floor
bathroom. "Ry can we talk please" "I really don't want to talk Nate" "Ry i
should have believed you i'm sorry" "Nate whats wrong with you latley your
acting all hostile" "It's lolita jp bbs imageboard too complicated" "Too complicated to tell me" "No
it's just i can't" "Tell me but you would rather tell your friends" "Ry
thats not ...." "Nathan Snedden if you don't tell me right now we are done"
I started to cry "Thats the reason why i don't want to tell you i don't
want you to leave me" "I swear i won't" "Really?" "Yes Nate" "Ok
well...I...might.....have.....Aids" "What but How i mean wait" "I lied to
you before this is why i didn't want to tell you" "Lied to me about what"
"When we broke up i was devastated i started sleeping with random guys and
girls till one of those guys wanted to well top me and i'm not a bottom
person. I didn't tell
you because i thought it would ruin our chance together" "Nate i don't
know what to say" "Do you still love me?"Ry: He was balling his eyes out "Is that the reason you didn't want to have
sex, i mean after we got back together" "yes" "Nate no matter what i will
still love you but...." "You don't want me anymore because i fucking have
Aids" "Nathan you don't know that for sure info lola bbs list
and i was going to say you
should have told me and were you checked at all?" "No" "Well how do you
know" "Because the guy that called me well i was seeing him, before we got
back together, but he called and told me to get checked because he is Hiv
positive." "Nate i'm so sorry" "its ok, but its you i'm worried about"
"why" "Well if i do have Aids you might have it and there are people in
this school who don't like you". "i don't understand" "well Ry when two
people love eachother they..." " I know that i mean the people" " I over
heard someone talking about hurting you" "why?" "it doesn't matter i'll be
here to protect you no matter what." "Thanks Natey" "You don't need to
thank me"Nate started to walk away from me "Nate where are you going?" "I need to
get stuff done" "ok i'll see you later text me please" "don't worry i will"I Took the bus home and my phone vibrated "=(" "oh no Nate dont tell me
what happened" "I'm sitting waiting for the results" "Well when you get
them call me!!!!!" "ok Ry im scraed" "I love you no matter what i will
never leave you" "Ok ttyl" "bye"Nate: Sitting in the doctors office hearing all the people choke and cough
from the swine flu is so much fun "Mr. Snedden will you please step in the
room please" i walked over with my phone held tightly in my hand. "Nate we
have some bad news" i dropped my phone and began to cry.
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